Il nostro formaggio - Vicini Azienda Agricola


The quality of our products derives from the extreme care and attention we take in all activities, from field-to-fork. We select only genuine ingredients, and respect local traditions as well as take advantage of modern knowledge.

Most of our products are seasonal. Their availability depends on what our animals can give us across the year, and also on the life of our own family. Naturally, events such as the birth of our children have shifted our priorities, especially in their first few months of age.

What follows is a list of the main products we produce, but our passion and curiosity often push us to innovate. To know their prices please call us or email us and we’ll be glad to show you how inexpensive quality can be.

Our products

  • Gelato
    Home made gelato, with the most genuine ingredients: fresh milk, sugar, egg yolks
  • Granita
    Ice cold granita with fresh milk
  • Spress
    Our traditional alp cheese: raw milk, semi-skimmed and semi-aged, produced without any extra cultures.
  • Aged Spress
    Minimum 8 months
  • Mascarpa
    Dried and Salty ricotta (whey cheese). It has a firm texture and a salty taste.
  • Tometta
    A soft tome-style cheese, made with whole milk.
  • Butter
  • Ghee – Clarified Butter
    A traditional product which is still very appreciated because it is versatile and digestible.
  • Ricotta
  • Yogurt
    Produced exclusively with our milk. Dense and not sour at all.
  • Maiess
    From semi-skimmed, raw milk. No cultures in this traditional delicacy.
  • Tometta
    Whole milk tomme-style cheese. Fresh and soft in texture.
  • Buscion
    Classic fresh goat cheese, slightly sour, which is best coupled tih oil and spices.
  • Marmì
    Small tomme-style cheeses, semi-soft texture and made with raw milk. Delicate taste
  • Ricotta
    200 gr buckets
  • Cremosino di capra
    resh cheese, creamy and recommended for your salads.
  • Yogurt di capra
    Produced exclusively with our milk. Dense and not sour at all.
  • Stagionato
    Stagionato is the italian word for “aged”. Stagionato is a whole milk cheese, unpasteurized, with a distinct goat taste.
In the winter months, approx. from november to march, we have veal and pork meat. We pack it in 1kg vacuum sealed portions, and divide it per category (steaks; sausages etc).
We also have lamb and kid meat
Sausages, cotechini, pork salami and goat salami only made with meat, salt and spices (no preservatives).
Only available if… we haven’t run out of them after our family’s culinary experiments
Depending on the season we also have fruit and vegetables, which we plant and pick by hand without any fertilizers besides our cow’s manure.
Suitable for organic and biodynamic agriculture.
Cut according to your needs