Le nostre mucche pascolano a Esigo - Vicini Azienda Agricola

Esigo (locality)

When our animals begin their transhumance, our family moves to the mountain pastures in Esigo, in the Antigorio Valley, and here we stay until it is time to return to Maiesso for the winter.

Our hut is at an altitude of 1200m, while the Hairy Friends graze at almost 1600m.

If you would like to take a walk in the mountains along a route accessible to everyone, you can come and visit us.

In addition to the small mountain village, you can admire the beautiful church of San Rocco and enjoy a genuine lunch at the small Agriturismo Cat Fausc. For the more daring, and to work off the hunger, the walk can continue and there are many destinations that can be reached with different difficulties and times.

Climbers from all over the world know Esigo because, in addition to the various climbing gyms where they can train, here they find the famous Yoesigo.